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Top 5 Ladder ?

  • 1Dechokked

    Member: Dechokked

    Ladderrank: #1

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 8140 xp

    Ratio: 18 - 15 (+ 1)

  • 2SKA

    Member: SKA

    Ladderrank: #2

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 7684 xp

    Ratio: 31 - 49 (-3)

  • 3Meirkzy

    Member: Meirkzy

    Ladderrank: #3

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 7509 xp

    Ratio: 46 - 34 (-4)

  • 4Smoke

    Member: Smoke

    Ladderrank: #4

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 6260 xp

    Ratio: 34 - 13 (+ 3)

  • 5Coroner

    Member: Coroner

    Ladderrank: #5

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 5219 xp

    Ratio: 26 - 11 (-1)


Top 5 Highest Streak?

  • 1Smoke

    Member: Smoke

    Ladderrank: #4

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 6260 xp

    Ratio: 34 - 13 (+ 3)

    Streak +3
  • 2Melo

    Member: Melo

    Ladderrank: Not ranked

    Clan: Test Clan


    EXP Points: 758 xp

    Ratio: 4 - 2 (+ 2)

    Streak +2
  • 3Gold

    Member: Gold

    Ladderrank: Not ranked

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 580 xp

    Ratio: 2 - 5 (+ 2)

    Streak +2
  • 4El Play

    Member: El Play

    Ladderrank: #7

    Clan: CLANLESS


    EXP Points: 1440 xp

    Ratio: 2 - 0 (+ 2)

    Streak +2
  • 5Metraletta

    Member: Metraletta

    Ladderrank: #8

    Clan: Synapse


    EXP Points: 1245 xp

    Ratio: 6 - 5 (+ 1)

    Streak +1

Top 5 Highest Clans?

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