Hey Blasters! We apologize for the delays and updates; things have been pretty hectic lately but we finally got around to releasing stable content. Today we reintroduce Anime Blast Clans, as well as a small character batch and balance update to touch up a few characters we missed from before. A few things to keep in mind:

Website + Clans: The entire website has been revamped for a smoother user experience. This includes mobility, but keep in mind that the site is best viewed on a desktop PC! Clans have also come back with more rewards and events similar to Seasonal Ladder. This means that clans who dominate the seasons can also obtain special rewards like characters for each member and more!

Mobile Play: Due to the nature of how the game is made we are limited to what we can do with mobile gameplay, and are fully aware of the issues some players face while on different devices. We have ideas on how to expand Anime Blast onto mobile devices for a better experience and will discuss more in the future!

Balance Update: Where the real fun happens.

Quantum Jab

Now deals 10 piercing damage and 15 additional to enemies stuck in his void.

Cooldown: 1
No Mana

Valkyrie Dress

Now grants Noelle Silva 5 mana for 3 turns when used.

Cooldown: Infinite
20 Mana

Squid Defense

Now costs 15 mana, down 5 from 20.

Cooldown: 3
15 Mana

20% Full Cowling

Now allows Midoriya to apply the Bruise effect with his alternate skills.

Cooldown: Infinite
30 Mana


Deals 5 damage to the enemy if they use a new skill.

Cooldown: Infinite
No Mana

FREE CHARACTER BATCH #2: For the long wait.
Presenting new and a few old characters to add to current combos! This means you don't need Blast Coins to purchase them, just head to the shop and unlock them for free! Be sure to check out our Discord for other news and discussion!